Disclosure Policy

If you like in the UK and you have a blog, you are legally required to inform readers whenever you are paid or otherwise compensated for writing about a company, its services or products.

BS is first and foremost a personal blog, however as an entrepreneur I am always interested in novel ways to make money and I plan on monetising this site in the future. I will always disclose in the content of a post whether I was compensated in any way for its content, however if I fail to do so rest assured it’s a mistake and I will fix it as soon as possible. I also plan on running some unobtrusive ads in the sidebar and footer of this site which will be a mix of my own work and services or products I personally use and enjoy.

Other ways I may or may not monetise the site include:

  • affiliate links
  • paid/compensated reviews
  • a Buy Me a Coffee button
  • sponsored posts
  • hamming up my self-published novels like crazy

Again, I plan on making disclosure very obvious within each post and I will endeavour to keep any ads I run as relevant and out-the-way as possible. It is also likely that if I set up other sites in the future that are more heavily monetised, I will be promoting them on this site.

I will never, ever use your email to spam you or sell your email address to third parties. If you spot any kind of mistake I’ve made with regards to being honest about compensation, please do not hesitate to contact me.

Phew! Serious time over, thanks for listening!

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