Goodbye, Gary: British Name Extinct by 2050 (Except It Isn’t. Maybe.)


When the Daily Mash published an article earlier this year lamenting the name’s unpopularity and claiming there had been no Garys born since 1992, even the BBC fell for it.

The 235 babies named Gary born in 1996 are presumed to be disappointed to learn their death is predicted to come at the ripe old age of 54.

‘Gary’ has an obscure history and is generally thought to be derived from English and Norman origins, incorporating the Germanic element of ‘ger‘ meaning ‘spear’. Gary went on to become a British everyman, gracing the birth certificates of everybody from footballer, actors and singers to the man on the street.

Yet the story comes with a dark side. As the Mirror sagely warns, while the name is not doing as badly as the Daily Mash insisted, the name Gary is indeed experiencing a rapid decline in popularity. Only 33 Garys were born in 2014, possibly owing to the scandal surrounding former pop star Gary Glitter, despite the fact it’s not his actual name.

So if you know a nineteen year-old Gary, hold him tight. Cherish him. Because by 2050 a freak accident may well wipe out our entire stock, leaving us only with a ghostly reminder of what we once had:

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