Where Do I Start?


I should have started this blog long ago.

About a month ago now, I finished the shitty first draft of my second novel. That probably would have been a good moment to get something down – I just couldn’t bring myself to write another word.Maybe when we moved into this house, a year ago last week, and I could finally say I was living with my soulmate in the land of mountains and lochs. (To be honest I was just busy tearing down yucky rental curtains and coming to terms with the civil injustice that is woodchip wallpaper.)

Or when I self-published my first novel (spelling errors and cheesy plots abound) halfway through my first year of university, writing essays by day and staying up until past midnight in the Learning Café hand-drawing illustrations. BECAUSE CRAFTSMANSHIP STILL MATTERS.

By that logic I should have set up a blog when I began writing. But back then I didn’t know what a blog was, and the internet was still only a rumour in our village, and anyway it would have blown up my old IBM. (Did anyone have a blog in 2002? Show me.)

So here I am – in media res. Although, come to think of it, this is a pretty good place to begin. Because I’m about to quit my part-time day job, put my money pen where my mouth is and smash my head on the desk until words come out that someone will pay for.

Won’t you join me? (Mocking me optional).

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